Rabu, 29 Maret 2017


Hai Guys...

Now I'll to give you a crossword that my friend and I made. Good luck guys :))



1.    A name of a city in Canada

2.    An acronym for a football club

3.    A male descendant in a family tree

4.    A node to connect a electricity flow

5.    If we are working as a security guard, what we should do is staying …

6.    One of well known car manufacturer

7.    No Sound heard

8.    A part of fish’s body

9.    An acronym for No Problem

10.  A binocular or scope is used for …

11.  Different

12.  Known in the music world

13.  Rest in Peace

14.  Something that’s used to change the usage of is / are / was etc. (2)

15.  A Nickname for a basketball club in Miami (4)


1.   4K ,1080p, 720p,360p, 240p, 144p is … of video

2.   Arabian currency is…

3.   Blank

4.   Synonym of ghost

5.   A chapter in the bible

6.   High moral standard an ethical person

7.   Synonym of confused

8.   The longest word that you can write in the first line [QW…OP] of the keyboard

9.   A thick paper

10. When you already did something

11. One of uncommon animal in Indonesia (Uncommon, not rare)

12. Puberty

Crossword by
Otniel Adi L & Akmal Fadel I - X MIPA 6

Crossword answer

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