Rabu, 25 Januari 2017


Hi Guys, now I'll to tell you about my holiday

On a long holiday ago, I went to Yogyakarta for a vacation with family. I went there by car. I went there at 3am and got there at 3 pm. after I got there, I immediately checked in to the hotel was already booked.

After checking in, and I was resting in a hotel room. after I rested, I set out to search for food. I stopped in Malioboro to eat there. I also ordered the gudeg because I've never eaten that. After my dinner, I went back to the hotel to sleep.

The next day, I went to Taman Pintar. There I saw a lot of the discoveries of science were very cool. Such as in a vehicle oval building in which there are the discoveries of science are cool. Such as climate and weather zone earthquake, metered zones, zone of ancient life, pedal generator, TV trainer, communications technology zone, Van De Graaf generator, the nuclear zone, ICT saw the earth, the corner of creation science, Tunnel illusion, Fresh Water Aquarium. There also I visited the planetarium, which describes the arrangement of the planets, the motion of the planets, constellations, and others.

Hasil gambar untuk taman pintar

After from there, I went back to the car to visit other places and also for lunch. After touring I was stopped at a restaurant Sate Klatak Pak Pong. Satay served here is unique, because the presentation is not to skewer made of bamboo, it is made of iron. Reason why wear skewers made of iron is for meat that is cooked perfectly. After I ate, I went back to the hotel to rest.

Having satisfied to rest, I went to a garden lantern. Scenery there is very good. Flickering lanterns at night makes the atmosphere so beautiful. I also took some photos there. Then I went back to the hotel to sleep
Hasil gambar untuk taman lampion yogyakarta

On the last day, I went to the upside down. These places is very interesting, because here we like against the direction of gravity. There we can feel like a fly on the roof of the house. And there we can take a photo.

After I went there, i went to the hotel to check out and i go home. it was very fun holiday. and it was my valuable experience.

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