Rabu, 12 April 2017

Learning From Nature

Learning from nature

What is nature? Nature is phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. The components of nature are biotic component and abiotic component. Biotic component is the living things like animal, human, and plants. Abiotic component is the die things like water, rock, mountain, sea, earth, and many more.

Biotic and abiotic component is very important matters and they must be balance because the living thing cannot life if that no water, air, and many abiotic components more. Because of that we must to take care about biotic and abiotic component because human is the influence things in the earth.

What can we learn from nature? From nature we can learn many things. For example, from nature we can have Ideas for inventions, like we got an idea to make helicopters from dragon fly or we got an idea to make plane from bird and many more. From nature we can learn about love and help each other out like the component of nature, and we can learn about the balance of life like the nature need balance to be sustainable and to be a better person who care about environment and many more things.  

What actions can damage nature? The actions can damage nature like littering, illegal logging, vehicle emissions, factory smoke and many more the actions that can cripple the nature. And what can we do to take care of the nature? The things that we can do for take care of the nature are like reforestation or replant the plants, throw the garbage in its place, save the animals, reduce the usage of cars, motorcycle, and many more.

From this essay I’ll tell you about something, we must to take care of the nature because the nature gives us many things that keeps us still alive until now, don’t damage the nature so we will be able to live in peace. 

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