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Hi friend, welcome to my blog.

In this blog I will tell you my experience be a committee Qurtilas. Qurtilas means "Qurban tiga dua ribu enam belas." this event was held on tuesday, 13 September 2016. This event is chaired by Milzam, Bayu as vice chairman, and Kevin as field commanders. My role in this event as the field division working on the D-day.

I'll to tell my experience on the D-day. On the D-day we gathered at SMAN 3 Bandung at 6 o'clock. Cows and sheeps will be cut at 7. Who cut cattle and sheep is the messenger. Abattoir si located in the yard next to SMAN 3 Bandung. Cattle slaughtered there were 7 and 7 goats.

On the D- day field division must bring knife, cutting board, knife grinder, and aprons. But I just bring knife and cutting board. On D-day I served as a meat cutter. But because my knife used by messenger, so I took the initiative to help raise meat with my friend shan shan. We bring the meat by hand or by using a container. So my clothes exposed a lot of blood. On that day I was wearing a black shirt and black pants. So no problem if my pants exposed blood.

We bring the meat to the place of weighing. then after the meat is weighed to be cut into small pieces and input into the crackle. the meat is put into a crackle to be distributed to the needed. After all of the meat. After all the meat put into a crackle, I was asked to enter the heart, liver, and others into the crackle.

And after the event finished, we went to the staff room to take food and we eat the food together. after that we take a photo. This event was very enjoyable for me

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