Kamis, 11 Agustus 2016

It's Me

Let Me Introduce My Self

Hello, guys it's me Akmal Fadel Izdaurraihan, im 15 years old, i was born in Bogor, 6 june 2001, i live in permata kopo e/33 , before it, i lived in Ujung Berung, Bandung. i want to be succesful bussiness man and architec. I study in SMAN 3 Bandung. 

I have two brother, one big brother and one young brother. My big brother's name is Muhammad Iqbal Izdaulfikri, he was born in bogor 7 November 1998, he study in Unpad the faculty of dentist and my young brother's name is Muhammad naufal izdaurrahman, he was born in bandung 27 june 2005, he study in SD Al-Amanah, 5th grade.


I have a lot of hobbies. First, i like playing basketball, I like it from my bestfriend invited me to join his basketball team Bandung Utama, and I can playing basketball well, so I like to playing basket ball. My next hooby is play futsal, I like this sport because I think it so exciting for me. 

I like to play music too, like guitar, piano, and more. I like to listening a music too, but the music that I like to listen is slow tempo like jazz, I dont like to listening hard tempo like heavy rock.

I like to Play Dota 2, this game is very exciting for me, I play this game from 9th grade untill now.
My favorite hero is Huskar, Anti Mage, Sven, Legion commander. but the most favorite hero that I like is Anti Mage.

Anti Mage

My favorite lesson is Math, i dont know why i like this lesson, but i think if i can learn this lesson i can learn all lesson.

I have a lot of best friend, one of my bestfriend is Diki, his full name is Dzikrul Amirul Faqih. i spend a lot of time with him. I like to play basketball because him, he invited me in his club Bandung Utama. i play in this club with him in 7th grade. And I oftem play Dota 2 with him, its so exciting and funny, cause i can blame him if we lost the game ^^ and I can say "you are the noobest player".

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